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60% of companies that suffer major loss of data shut down within six months of the disaster. By handing over the essential backup of data to Cloudhelix, your business can not only wave goodbye to this risk but also the costly and complex discipline of backing up data internally.

We keep constant watch over your data so you don’t have to, managing backups, storing and optimising data and ensuring rapid and effective recovery when it’s needed. Backup as a service leaves your technical teams to think less about prevention and protection and more about the profound, positive impact they can have on your business.

The Challenge

Your businesses data is its driving force, and the reliability and availability of that data is paramount to success. In the digital age, this is only exacerbated, with more metrics and trackable data emerging all the time that help enterprises prove concepts, demonstrate insights and, ultimately, stay ahead of the competition. When you consider this data is scattered across clouds, databases and countries, legacy data protection quickly becomes complex, problematic and costly.

Our Approach

It’s not uncommon for backup and disaster recovery solutions to overlap in their capabilities, which is why we provide flexible options that best accommodate your technology and the data you need to protect.

We’ve built a universal backup suite to provide data protection for workloads based in the cloud or on your premises. We use Veeam and Veeam Cloud Connect for backup as a service, giving us the flexibility to deliver a complete backup solution across multiple platforms and clouds efficiently and easily. With the backup of all technology and data easily managed, our experts keep a close eye on your data so you don’t have to, ensuring rapid recovery when you need it most.


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