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arctic snowy cloudy sky - cloud development model

How To Utilise The Cloud Development Model Posted in Cloud Development
on 31st August, 2017

Focusing on the business advantages for adopting the cloud development model, what benefits of doing so are and how to move towards them easily.

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Person holding dirty, worked hands up to camera - IT project manager

3 Ways to Be a Great IT Project Manager Posted in Business Cloud Development
on 28th August, 2017

Because good IT strategy and planning can live or die by the IT project manager running it.

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person holding map - what is high availability

What Is High Availability? Benefits of Always on Tech Posted in Cloud Consulting
on 24th August, 2017

Read more about our Application HA services and philosophy here.

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layered books - Experts as a Service

How Experts as a Service Transforms IT Support Posted in Cloud Consulting Cloud Development
on 1st August, 2017

It’s the way IT support should have always been done, utilising the community approach it deserves.

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Elevator sign - why you need a multi-cloud strategy

3 Reasons You Need A Multi-cloud Strategy Posted in Managed Cloud
on 17th July, 2017

Can’t decide between public cloud and private cloud, yet alone a multi cloud strategy? Fear not...

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laptop screen showing metric dashboard - big data in the cloud

The Benefits of Managing Big Data in the Cloud Posted in Managed Cloud
on 3rd July, 2017

Cloud computing and big data are a match made in heaven nowadays, lets talk about why.

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Volcano errupting - DR plan

Communicationing Disaster and your DR plan Posted in Disaster Recovery
on 20th June, 2017

Focusing on the communication actions that must sit within your DR plan, because disaster recovery isn't to be underestimated!

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Cloudhelix Client Pablo Alvarez - JML Group

Case Study: JML's Cloud Migration Transformation Posted in Case Study Cloud Consulting Managed Cloud
on 5th April, 2017

We migrated JML from time-intensive, physical servers to a managed and virtualised dedicated cloud, changing the perception of IT within the business in the process.

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Cloudhelix Client Mark Iwaszko - FRP Advisory

Meeting FRP's High-Performance Hosting Needs Posted in Case Study Managed Cloud
on 21st March, 2017

Find out how we helped FRP Advisory meet the demands of client projects with high performance hosting.

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Cloudhelix Client Darren White - Turnkey

Replatforming Turnkey's Mission-Critical Application Posted in Case Study Cloud Development
on 8th February, 2017

High performance hosting and the replatforming of IPS, a business critical, legacy software used by the UK's leading accountancy firms.

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