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Why the Right Partner is Key for a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Posted in Cloud Consulting Converged Cloud Stack Managed Cloud
on 21st October, 2020

Hybrid Cloud has long been seen as an aspirational cloud strategy. In this post, we look at how definitions have changed and things have shifted, making hybrid cloud a very different beast today.

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Hybrid Cloud Computing: Where it Fits Into Your Next Strategy Posted in Cloud Consulting Managed Cloud
on 3rd August, 2020

Hybrid cloud computing: What is it and why should you consider it for your cloud strategy?

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Securing Buy-in from Internal Stakeholders Posted in Cloud Consulting Managed Cloud
on 9th December, 2019

Learn how to overcome cloud security risks and bring key stakeholders onside.

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The Building Blocks of a Brilliant Cloud Strategy Posted in Cloud Consulting Cloud Development Managed Cloud
on 21st November, 2019

While nearly every organisation utilises the cloud, many don't have a formal cloud strategy. This blog explains how to write a cloud strategy, what to include and more.

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Securing Your Data in the Cloud Posted in Cloud Consulting Managed Cloud
on 29th August, 2019

Cloud security is a permanent hot topic. In this blog, we look at the threat landscape and some hands-on, practical best practices to help you stay safe, no matter how you host or who you partner with.

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Making Sense of Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Posted in Cloud Consulting Managed Cloud
on 24th April, 2019

Learn the difference between hybrid cloud and multi-cloud, along with why they are adopted and how they should be managed.

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Announcing the Converged Cloud Stack Posted in Cloud Consulting Company announcement Managed Cloud
on 10th January, 2019

we’re pleased to announce the Converged Cloud Stack: a new solution that slashes the costs, timeframes and hassle associated with delivering on-premise cloud.

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4 Signs it's time for an Application Modernisation Project Posted in Cloud Consulting Cloud Development
on 4th November, 2018

Learn the telltale signs that it’s time for your business to consider application modernisation. Free advice, tips and benefits.

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The importance of modernising legacy IT systems

The importance of Modernising Legacy IT Systems Posted in Cloud Consulting Managed Cloud
on 22nd August, 2018

With many businesses making the move from cloud-first to cloud-only, it's crucial that those running legacy systems adapt and change. Read the blog to learn why.

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How to Respond to a Security Breach Posted in Cloud Consulting
on 2nd July, 2018

How prepared for a security breach are you? Respond better to a breach with these actionable tips covering pre- and post-breach.

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