Replatforming Turnkey's Mission-Critical Application

Turnkey Group are experts in business systems, making software work smarter for their clients. One of Turnkey’s products, the Insolvency Practitioner System (IPS), is the UK’s leading insolvency software, used by almost every insolvency practitioner in the UK including major accountancy firms in the big four.

As a legacy application, IPS needed to be installed on servers within the offices of each and every customer. The ease of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications meant that there was increasing demand from customers for it to be accessed via the web for easy access. With paying, high profile customers relying on the software, application downtime wasn’t an option.

To move IPS toward a more modern approach, we began by hosting the application on our secure, high performance cloud infrastructure, which took place without any downtime or customer disruption. Our experts also developed advisory notices for IPS users, ensuring they could still make the most of the software during the forthcoming replatforming process.

Once hosted in Cloudhelix data centres, where the application benefits from backup and disaster recovery services, we began replatforming the existing IPS application, mapping out the steps needed to convert it into a multi-tenanted web-based app.

We continue to work closely with the team at Turnkey. Subsequent projects include the hosting of a document repository and dedicated client deployments.

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Posted in Case Study, Cloud Development on Feb 08, 2017