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Cloudhelix coffee, our clients and saving your coppers

A look at our how our new, branded coffee cups are reducing plastic waste while saving our clients cash when they grab a coffee.

Every once in a while, we like to send out our customers a small gift for their teams to enjoy as a thanks for our continued partnership. We’re genuinely thankful for every relationship we build as a business, and because of this, we want our customers to see that thought has gone into everything we send them. After all, without them, we wouldn’t be Cloudhelix.

For the start of 2018, the gift we’ve sent out to our customers is coffee. On the surface, it’s a simple gift, but it stems from the headspace a simple hot drink can provide. We know how busy corporate IT teams are, and we know how important those few minutes away from your desk to make a coffee can be for your clarity. Hopefully, the Cloudhelix Cafetiere Blend will support these little moments.

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The coffee itself comes custom blended from Coffee @ 33, a cafe a short walk from our Brighton HQ known for some of the best coffee in the city. Client gifts are a great opportunity for us to work with local, independent businesses, and with a rich foodie scene in Brighton, we’ve got a load of brilliant makers to choose from and for our clients to enjoy.

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Heading out to our clients alongside the coffee are our very own branded KeepCup’s, providing an on-the-move vessel for those all-important coffee top ups throughout the day. Not only are these handy, but using a KeepCup also helps to reduce the use of disposable coffee cups, with less than 1% of the 2.5 billion used in the UK each year getting recycled.

Not only is this a positive step towards reducing plastic for Cloudhelix, our staff and our customers, there’s also a cost saving on offer each and every time its used in a coffee shop. For example, Pret a Manger dock a whole 50p off the cost of your coffee for using your own cup, which–if you were to buy a few coffees each week–equates to a saving of nearly £90 a year.

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We believe our customers work with us because of our commitment to quality of service, expertise and hardware, and so even with the smallest of things, like our client gifts, we hope to show a similar level of care, attention to detail and quality.

If you like the sound of the Keep Cup and Cafetiere Blend combo, why not send us a tweet @cloudhelixltd detailing why you think we should send your team some coffee-related goodies. The best few will receive a care package through to enjoy.

Posted in Company announcement on Feb 12, 2018


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