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Get to know the consultants replacing headaches and jargon with straight-forward, actionable advice

Whether you're in need of assistance for a complex cloud migration, injected expertise to inform the future of your cloud provision or have a one-off project that could use some outside know-how, our consultants are ready to help your business grow, progress and innovate.

Technology powers ideas, generates revenue and builds insights, which is why it’s imperative that the right solution is implemented every time. By challenging your thinking and bringing best-of-breed knowledge to the table, we ensure the benefits of your project are felt just as much by tech teams as the whole business.

We bring years of implementing large scale cloud projects and a passion for technology to the table to ensure your project goes off without a hitch, however big the challenge and whatever stage of a project you’re at. Get in touch with your challenge today.

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Managed Security

We’re experts in the real world application of security. This means that we appreciate the importance of security but we don’t let it hinder performance or business agility in the process.

Whether we’re consulting or working alongside your team on a hands-on project, we marry up security with usability to ensure your technology is safe but agile enough to move at the speed your business requires.

Cloud Strategy

In order to get the most out of your technology, it’s important to have a cloud strategy to align IT departments with business goals.

We help you craft a vision to fit your future, ensuring technology supports your business in a competitive, fast-paced and changing world.

Cloud Enablement

We get to know how parts or all of your business can thrive using the cloud, helping you to create a more agile and flexible organisation by putting technology first.

Whether it’s simplifying entire ecosystems or departments, automating governance or speeding up the application deployment process, we’ll help you transform how your business thinks and functions using the cloud.

Cloud Migration

With increased efficiency and enhanced continuity, there are many benefits to moving to cloud infrastructure, but knowing how exactly to move enterprise-scale infrastructure and multiple applications is no mean feat.

Having migrated a range of businesses to private, public and hybrid cloud systems, you can be safe in the knowledge that with Cloudhelix as your migration partner, no stone is left unturned and nothing is left up to chance.


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