Cloud Enablement Services

The cloud is all about ease and flexibility, but that doesn't mean it's always plain sailing when getting things up and running. Instead of learning the pitfalls of the cloud by doing, our cloud enablement service ensures your journey into the cloud is painless, simple and and speedy.

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Cloud Enablement

The Challenge

Whilst the cloud is all about getting what you need when you most need it, adapting business process to this new and dynamic reality cannot be rushed, traditional sign-off and workflow’s prove to be unwieldy and if your process do not support end user demand they will simply find a work-around. Once “Shadow IT” systems and process are introduced into your staff culture it can be an impossible task to remove them.

The Approach

Cloud enablement may seem like a technology project, but in reality requires far more input–and consideration–from the whole business to be truly seamless, secure and successful. With decades of experience in applied technology, we know each company has unique challenges to overcome. to have the profound impact it should have, we have found a considered and consistent approach delivers the best results.

After a range of successful enterprise-scale cloud strategy projects, our experts devised a step-by-step programme to assist businesses on their cloud journey. From project kick off and technology design to migration and return on investment (ROI) projection, we’re on-hand to take the stress of large-scale migration project off internal resources, helping businesses realise the power of the cloud without taking their focus away from what they do best.

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Cloud Enablement in action

We were moving from 100% physical infrastructure while moving offices. When Cloudhelix proposed a private cloud with an Office365 migration, it was a big relief but at the same time, very scary. So far, Cloudhelix have offered total flexibility and a really honest approach.

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After migrating JML’s physical, office-based infrastructure to our secure, high-performance cloud platform, Cloudhelix now deliver an ongoing managed private cloud for JML.