Cloud-Native Development

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Cloud-Native Development

The Challenge

Startups are using a range of cloud-native approaches to disrupt traditional industries and bring their brightest ideas to life in the blink of an eye, but not every business has the resource, know-how or team set-up to transform their teams and take full advantage of cloud development.

The Approach

The world of cloud-native development encompasses several technologies and philosophies–including DevOps, Platform as a Service, microservices and containers–which collectively supercharge the impact technology has on your business.

Whether you’re interested to learn how best to build an application for the cloud, have a software development requirement and want to it delivered in a modern, cloud-centric way or don’t have enough resource to build the DevOps automation tooling your business needs, our experts can help you navigate through this new and evolving area of development.

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Ned Kazlauskas, Marketing Specialist – Big Picture. Following a migration to our high-performance Private Cloud Platform, Cloudhelix carried out a project to improve and enhance Big Picture’s client-facing portal. The result is a highly available, fault tolerant solution with outstanding performance.