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We take the pressures of internal IT security off your hands, giving you the peace of mind that your systems and data are safe, leaving you to focus on driving your business forward.

The Challenge

The pace of modern business makes it difficult to deliver reliable security internally, let alone across distributed cloud-based systems. With new cyber threats emerging all the time and more devices accessing your network everyday, it isn’t just extra security technology that will keep your data, activities and business safe.

When you count on the cloud to make your business tick, it’s imperative everything is in place to keep your business secure. 90% of breaches are caused by human factors, so even with the most secure system in place, mistakes will still happen.

Our Approach

In order to stay safe and competitive, a security policy which marries up usability and security is essential to success. Technology must be applied in the most appropriate way to solve security issues while still allowing your business to move faster than the competition.

We’re experts in the real world application of security, which means we aren’t going to tell you we’ll make your technology impenetrable. We apply security in the most appropriate way to your business while ensuring it isn’t slowing your technology down.

We keep your business safe by focusing on the human side of security, creating and maintaining a policy that leaves you safe in the knowledge that only right people have access to the right systems, minimising risk while ensuring all employees can work effectively.


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