Cyber Essentials Plus

Cloudhelix is certified by the UK government-backed Cyber Essentials Plus initiative.

Here, you can find about how Cyber Essentials keeps our systems and clients safe.

The Cyber Essentials accreditation has been created to ensure the highest standards of IT security are in place and to safeguard the digital economy. With rising cyber attacks spreading globally it is essential to abide by not only the essential but the optimum security measures.

With Cyber security Plus, you have assurance that the necessary precautions have been taken to address the threat of a cyber attack. By following the best practices outlined by this scheme, Cyber Essentials becomes a fundamental part of a well-established and wide ranging cyber security infrastructure.

By implementing Cyber Essentials Plus we are able to drive productivity in-line with best practices, prevent common breaches whilst identifying and eliminating threats. This allows Cloudhelix to focus on optimising systems and services for our customers.

Cyber Essentials Plus rests upon these 5 key areas...

1) Firewall protection

Removing or disabling software and device functions which are not essential for performance. This reduces risk by minimising possible access points. This ‘buffer zone’ acts as a security monitor for incoming traffic, analysing data and determining what is granted access and what is denied.

2) Configuring software

New software and devices are manufactured with default configurations to be open and multi-functional. This increases connectivity but can provide a gateway for cyber attacks. To combat this, Cyber Essentials ensure all software and devices are configured with settings optimised for security. Enlisting two-factor authentication for all account access increases the level of protection across our organisation.

3) Data control and access

Minimise risk by controlling who has access. Access to online services, applications, software and devices should only be granted to those who require it for their essential duties. By reducing the level of access across your organisation risk is minimised and security increased.

4) The highest malware and virus protection

Anti-malware measures include:

  • Maintaining the maximum level of malware and virus software prevents common breaches.
  • Updating passwords regularly
  • Avoid connecting to unknown networks
  • Only install and run applications from approved vendors

5) Update devices and software

Increase efficiency by ensuring all operational systems, applications and devices are up to date with the latest software.

By continually investing in the latest technology, updating systems in-line with best practice and following these five essential controls Cloudhelix operate the highest standard in cyber security.