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We plan for your rainy day and expect the unexpected so you don’t have to

From hybrid disaster recovery and application high availability to both disaster recovery and backup as-a-service, our disaster recovery offering focuses on keeping your systems and applications up and running at a pace your business can count on. After all, when downtime does happen, we prefer it counted in seconds, not days.

Every minute of technological downtime costs a business greatly, with staff, customers, revenue and reputation quickly affected by the loss of vital data and access to essential applications. Leave us to focus on your recovery and backup strategies leaving you to get on with growing your business.

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Hybrid DR

Hybrid cloud is our speciality, making us best placed to help you avoid the intricacies and pitfalls of creating an effective hybrid cloud disaster recovery plan. Cloud technology is all about making your business more flexible and better at scaling, however it’s imperative that increased flexibility doesn’t hinder recovery.

With our expertise, disaster recovery for your hybrid cloud is guaranteed to be simple, swift and effective while keeping your technology agile and flexible to grow alongside your business and its changing technological demands.

Application HA

When an application is critical to the success of your business, it’s simply not enough to ensure it can be easily recovered. Instead, you need to be sure that every factor contributing to potential downtime is understood and assessed in order to help you move toward an application that you can always rely on.

Our end-to-end applicationHA service helps you minimise and manage app availability and the impact it can have on your business. The result is a commercially viable, scalable and highly available application that’s working just as your business requires.

Diaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is your lifeline in an emergency, keeping your technology moving in the face of a cyber attack, natural disaster, human error or hardware failure.

Our experts will help you develop an effective recovery strategy that protects your business’s reputation, minimises data loss and keeps customers happy by ensuring the time and effort involved in recovering systems and applications is kept to a minimum.

Backup as a Service

Storing backup data internally saps valuable IT time up through managing data, compliance and risk management, taking teams away from supporting the innovation that drives your business forward.

Backup as a service frees your teams from this, leaving you safe in the knowledge that our experts have your business covered with a fully automated, compressed and encrypted backup of essential data that keeps your business moving forward in the event of unexpected loss.


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