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When your business counts on the cloud, it’s imperative you can rely on our recovery process and provider to ensure the reliability of data and applications, maximise productivity, avoid data loss and protect your business's reputation.

What makes the difference when recovering from data loss or downtime is minimising the time and effort it takes to get back up and running again. This time depends on the solution in place; disaster recovery is not just about the time your business is down and unable to work, but also the amount of data you stand to lose when falling back on previous versions.

The Challenge

When a critical server is compromised, whether through a natural disaster, human error, a cyber attack or technology failure, your business immediately begins to feel the impact. The longer servers are down, the bigger the impact, which is where effective disaster recovery must come into play.

The process of recovery must be clear, easy and, of course, fast. With hybrid cloud becoming the go-to approach for enterprises, a new challenge for recovery arises, as a mix of public, private and dedicated, in-house servers could potentially make it harder for businesses to get back up and running following an outage.

Our Approach

Our engagements begin with consultancy to guide you through the steps of planning a disaster recovery and business continuity strategy, which can be turned into a universal policy to assurance in other parts of your business.

With a disaster recovery solution in place, our Experts as a Service approach means you’re only a Slack message or phone call away from our experts, which empowers your team with the deep knowledge and insight right when you need it most. We also monitor all aspect of your solution, ready to step in and help as much or as little as your team requires. Recovery can be invoked through your portal, over the phone or even via a quick text message to your account manager in an emergency.


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