IT Solutions for Turnaround and Restructuring Firms

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We provide tailored cloud solutions for restructuring and turnaround firms

Restructuring Firms need a partner to support their ongoing digital transformation. We’ve seen this first hand, working with Alvarez & Marsal, FRP Advisory and Turnkey Group.

From technical due diligence during turnaround projects to migrating forensics platforms to the cloud, we've been modernising their IT while ensuring compliance for over five years.

Our experts can help you with each of these challenges and more, enabling you to grow revenues and reduce costs to become more competitive.

Insolvency Whitepaper: Rethinking Restructuring

Insights from Insolvency Experts

The shift to remote working and virtual connections means rethinking many key insolvency activities.

It’s clear that firms must move away from paper-based processes and storage, and that this will be a significant cultural shift.

We asked our clients what they think the new normal means for insolvency, and whether or not firms need to adapt their practices.

Cloud Solutions for Turnaround Firms

Streamline Operations

When a business becomes insolvent, the operation doesn't just grind to a halt.

We provide temporary managed hosting for IT systems during this time, migrating your clients’ infrastructure onto our secure, high-performance cloud platform.

Mitigate Risks

Interim Hosting enables Insolvency Practitioners to mitigate the risk of data loss and downtime by handing over the responsibility of the infrastructure to our cloud experts.

In some cases, this allows for company assets, such as servers and other hardware, to be sold.

Grow Revenues

With our experts migrating IT environments in days, you can take on more projects concurrently and deliver them faster.

We guarantee uptime, have never lost a client and have never had an outage.

We can help you transform delivery and get serious about the cloud.


On the surface, the strict regulations governing the finance industry can cause setbacks. Our job, however, is to demonstrate your ongoing compliance while using cloud and Infrastructure solutions.

Private Cloud solutions suit Restructuring Firms because the customisation available enable us to tick every compliance box while providing the raw compute power that enables you to onboard projects faster, speed up delivery and become more agile.


We’re serious about security, which is shown in part by our accreditations, which are independently audited annually to ensure transparency, assurance and peace of mind.

Our Managed Private Cloud platform guarantees data residency in the UK, with a range of extra Managed Security services available if required. We can also guarantee security and data residency abroad with our Converged Cloud Stack solution. This ensures that data doesn’t leave the country, or even building, you're operating from.


Our technical expertise that helps you understand your clients' IT estate and data, which can reveal a lot about the health of their organisation.

Often, the tech stack is misunderstood or overlooked during the advisory process. To mitigate this, we assess, manage and enhance every aspect of an end clients’ IT estate, from digital assets through to core infrastructure. This supports your investigation and allows you to accurately value IT assets.


A reliance on legacy infrastructure in the Turnaround and Insolvency space makes for a bloated, expensive IT operation that’s difficult to scale. It can be a challenge to wind this down during a modernisation project.

Working in agile sprints, we can streamline your infrastructure footprint, taking advantage of cloud-native thinking while reducing spend along the way.

We’ll deliver the perfect cloud environment to support your goals, tailored to your organisation and its compliance requirements. We can deliver it within budget and in less time than you’d expect.

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Our Proven Track Record with Restructuring and Advisory Firms

We work with the likes of FRP Advisory, Alvarez & Marsal and Turnkey Group. They trust us because of our assurance against data loss; our ability to react quickly and safely to project requirements; and the guaranteed responsiveness of our platform, making forensic investigation faster and easier.

Accreditations Trusted Certifications, Guaranteed Compliance

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