Managed Hosting for Relativity

An end-to-end managed infrastructure service for Relativity projects.
We take care of your cloud infrastructure requirements,
you deliver eDiscovery engagements faster.

Your challenge

The nature of litigation and investigation means that eDiscovery projects can appear with very little notice.

For organisations who carry out these projects, delivering the requisite cloud technology fast enough to support critical timescales can be a challenge, especially when projects happen globally and concurrently.

Our managed Relativity service is an end-to-end solution to tackle this challenge.

We take care of cloud deployment and management so you can focus on delivering outcomes for your clients.

Our kudos

We've been partnering with finance, legal and business advisory firms for over four years to deliver cloud solutions that allow them to drive real value for their end clients. Engagements include:

  • Deploying an on-premise, dedicated Relativity platform in Dubai
  • Application replatforming for IPS, a leading insolvency suite, into a multi-tenanted web app
  • Hosting and managing cloud platforms to support disputes and investigations teams.

Flexible deployment options

Every eDiscovery engagement requires its own hosting treatment, which is why we offer a range of deployment methods to ensure we can always support any project, anywhere in the world...

  • Deploy a UK-based private cloud
  • Deploy on-premise anywhere in the world in 30 days with our Converged Cloud Stack
  • Deploy into one of over 50 data centres in major cities globally.

Talk to us discuss more about potential approaches today.

Extensive management as standard, wherever you deploy

Once your deployment is live, we provide remote, 24x7x365 management up to the OS from our Edinburgh-based Network Operations Centre (NOC).

This includes extensive security services, VM management, monitoring and more, making it hands-off from a technical perspective once your platform is live.

Case study Previous Relativity hosting projects

Working with a global professional services firm, we deployed an on-premise solution in Dubai where the firm lacked the existing infrastructure to deliver Relativity.

A fast, tactical response, innovative solution design and expert project management allowed us to deliver Relativity on the ground in a matter of days, ensuring a pressing eDiscovery project went ahead as planned.

Read about the approach, our thinking and the outcome by hitting the button below.

Don't just take our word for it

Cloudhelix's expertise, relationship and delivery gives us a huge amount of value that we can pass onto our clients.

FRP use a managed private cloud environment providing guaranteed read-write IO performance. We also provide technical consultation for FRP on client projects, including eDiscovery engagements.