Managed Private Cloud

The flexibility of the cloud with added security and performance, our private cloud hosting service utilises Tier 3 data centres and includes extensive management.
We look after your cloud so you can focus on your business.

Why private cloud?

There are many cloud platforms out there, so what makes ours so special?

Well, what makes our platform and service stand out is the fact we take care of every aspect of your cloud infrastructure, leaving your teams to focus on innovation that will propel your business forward.

Whatever is crucial to success for you and your business, we have the platform and leading expertise to support you.

Whether your workloads are currently hosted on-premise or with another cloud provider, get in touch today if you're looking for a resilient, reliable and rapid cloud platform for growth.

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More scalable and cost-effective than maintaining physical servers and more customisable than public cloud platforms, a private cloud gives you a high-performance platform that’s perfect for hosting critical applications.

However, the platform is only the start – what makes our service interesting is the extensive and unbeatable management from our expert, third line-only support team.

Call us today on 01273 987920 so we can begin scoping the right solution for you.

Having a powerful platform is only the start – you need to be able to put it to work effectively. With Cloudhelix, the very Architects who built our cloud platform are the same ones who manage your workloads and offer you support.

Many technology leaders get frustrated by providers because they can't get the care and support their applications deserve, which is the exact problem Cloudhelix was founded to solve.

With a trusted partner like Cloudhelix managing your cloud platform, you get 24x7x365, third line-only support from accredited Cloud Architects. This means urgent tickets get responses and resolutions in minutes.

Private cloud platforms are brilliant for hosting requirements where...

  • Workloads require lots of resource
  • You have custom hardware and configuration requirements
  • You require very low latency
  • You have specific compliance/ governance requirements
  • You want predictable monthly hosting costs.

However, this is just the start. Dependent on what you're hosting, there's lots to talk about. Get in touch today to learn if a private cloud is the solution for you.

We're an agile, cloud-native provider who are best known for carrying out complex cloud migrations and hosting critical applications.

We specialise in moving startups, scale-ups and enterprises forward on their cloud journey, regardless of their current provision or technology challenges.

Our cloud platform and extensive infrastructure management are central to our success, and these are both benefits our private cloud customers take advantage of.
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Private cloud features and benefits

Retain control

We handle the management of your platform, however, you can still view usage reports and monitor performance. If it suits, you can even isolate VMs you don't want us to manage and keep them under your control. You retain visibility while we look after your platform. It's like managing infrastructure in-house, but without the hassle.

24x7x365 support

Our Edinburgh-based NOC provide around the clock managed services. Success for us is telling you about issues we've fixed before you've even logged a ticket. Whether it's a critical issue or quick query, our team of client-facing Cloud Architects are available by phone, email and Slack for super-fast resolution.

Optimise costs and usage

It's so easy to spin up servers and allocate resource that cloud sprawl is a risk for any company using the cloud. By centralising your infrastructure and working closely with you, we help you make sense of your usage while optimising spend performance.

Ensure compliance

We can help you understand the data your company stores, where it's hosted and how it's used. Whether your data is currently held in-house or you've begun migrating to the cloud, we can help you make sense of your data to simplify how you prove compliance.

Finetune your platform

The public cloud only allows for so much customisation, so if this something important to you, private cloud could be a good fit. Better still, we can help you understand exactly what you need through an extensive, hands-on trial phase.

Flexible management

While we have a standard monitoring and management package, this can be customised, tweaked and altered to suit your needs. Got a particular analytics suite you want to use? No worries – Just tell us what you're trying to achieve and we'll do everything we can to support you.

Our VMware expertise

While we work with a range of hypervisors, our go-to solution is VMware, which we have a wealth of experience with.

We're very well versed in the implementation of VMware tools and skilled in putting them to work on your behalf. We provide the day-to-day management of standard VMware tools (as well as the underlying infrastructure), along with any additional VMware technologies you require, including vRealize, NSX, Horizon and more.

If you're already using VMware, utilising our cloud platform means you'll be familiar with the management interface, how to spin up VMs and more.

Other hypervisors we support include Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Openstack and Ubuntu Openstack – we're happy to work with you to understand which is best for you.

VMware hosting

Our managed service Taking care of infrastructure so you don't have to

Whether already in the cloud or just interested in how it could work for your business, we can help at all stages of the cloud journey. Our managed service includes...

  • Core network located in Tier 3 data centres (Telehouse West and Equinix LD6)
  • ISO 27001, ISO 9001, Cyber Essentials Plus certified and CSA Star Accredited
  • 1 Gbps internet transit
  • NVME SSD storage
  • 24x7x365 third line only support
  • OS licensing
  • OS management
  • OS and hypervisor patching
  • Quarterly penetration tests
  • Private cloud backup and replication options available

Don't just take our word for it

When we moved our portal, it was a big risk. We were told by Cloudhelix there wouldn’t be any downtime and, come Monday morning, our big clients were back up and running. They wouldn’t have even known we’d moved data centres. It was that straight forward.

Turnkey’s business-critical application, IPS, which is used by over 94% of the UK’s insolvency practitioners, is supported by Cloudhelix on our Private Cloud Platform.