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Whether your cloud of choice is Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure or something else, our expert managed service helps enterprises get the most out of the public cloud. Get in touch with our team today and get your cloud journey off to a flying start.

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Public Cloud

The Challenge

Cloud is the go-to technology for businesses today, but with so many products and solutions out there, choosing the best setup and paying for exactly what you need can be extremely difficult. Public hosting with any of the big providers can be a business-defining move, but the ease of getting technology up and running can quickly result in server sprawl, with systems hosted here, there and everywhere.

The Approach

Our platform-agnostic approach means we don’t just suggest the same solution or provider for every client. We get to know your company, budget, internal skills and business goals to implement the best solution, helping you achieve a vision that keeps your business moving into the future.

By outsourcing the management of public cloud usage, businesses can quickly, easily (and cheaply) plug the capability gap between development and operations teams.

Whether you are new to the cloud; need help assessing how your business is using the public cloud; or want to free up development teams from managing demanding applications, we’re on-hand to help you make the most out of everything the cloud has to offer.

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Building strong relationships

We manage and host an infrastructure that can look after tens of thousands of Apple devices. We were after a technology partner, someone that was in it for the long haul and yeah, Cloudhelix were that company.

Cloudhelix partnered with Datajar to create a bespoke Managed Kubernetes Service that allows them to scale their operations.