Our Story

Every business is just one bright idea away
from changing the world...

The Cloudhelix Story

In order to capitalise on innovative ideas, it’s crucial that businesses have the right foundations in place. This is a challenge for all companies, from market-leading enterprises built on legacy technology to newly funded startups working on entirely new concepts. The cloud can provide businesses with the flexibility to explore their eureka moments, but this relies on the right approach to the cloud being utilised.

From within the IT industry, Cloudhelix’s founding partners witnessed the dawn of the cloud and the impact it had on businesses. Enterprises were very excited about what they could achieve and how the cloud could transform their operations, however making it work in reality proved very difficult, with many still facing age-old IT issues even after cloud implementation.

With the perfect blend of board-level knowledge, leading technical expertise and a thirst to build cloud solutions that really make the difference, our founders embarked on a mission to transform the delivery of cloud services and projects.

...and so Cloudhelix was born.

From the Basement
to the Boardroom


Something we believed from the beginning was that the talent, skill and creativity of IT staff had long been overlooked by the wider business. It was perceived as a back of house function, fixing printers, resetting passwords and rebooting machines, for too long.

As the cloud continued to change the workplace forever, the role of IT teams began to change drastically, with technology, the pace of change and the cloud becoming a board-level focus. It was time for the humble IT team to move out of the shadows and into the limelight.

We began to specialise in equipping technical teams with everything they needed to get the board-level buy-in required for enterprise IT transformation. We found that when technical and board-level thinking combine, businesses can revolutionise their approach to solving problems.

An honest approach to
provisioning technology


Despite the simplicity and ease often mentioned when it comes to the cloud, acquiring cloud services, let alone the right cloud services, can be very confusing. We see many business buying cloud platforms in the hope their problems will go away, without realising there are wider, underlying problems to be discovered and addressed before the cloud comes into play.

That’s what we aim to change; aligning your current IT provision, challenges and business aims to tackle the root cause of your technology issues.

The end result is often a cloud platform, but there’s a whole host of things to be explored initially to ensure the right solution is implemented first time round.

Call it infrastructure modernisation, cloud transformation or something else altogether. Our aim at Cloudhelix is to use technology to take IT departments from where they are today to where they want to be.

Every business is just one bright
idea away from changing the world


With the cause of issues removed, and not just temporarily solved, we’re able to transform the role and perception of IT within businesses. Technology, the engine room of modern operations, is no longer holding the business back, but is dictating the future. It now allows enterprises to flex and adapt to new ideas and changing demands faster than ever before.

We believe that it only takes one bright idea to change the world, and with innovation taking place at scale, it's only a matter of time before something remarkable happens.