Platform As A Service

Aleviate infrastructural issues and blockers away from developers, allowing them to bring ideas to life faster than ever before, helping businesses stay ahead of the competition.

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Platform As A Service

The Challenge

As much as 60% of software development time is spent away from writing code, with teams finding themselves bogged down in network and hardware concerns that stifle the development process.

The ability to create product-ready software out of bright ideas is where developers offer the most value. Platform as a Service (PaaS) ensures your developers are focused on doing just that, taking away the worry of infrastructure to ensure that innovation is always front of mind.

The Approach

A PaaS helps propel your business toward constant innovation by providing the architecture and infrastructure for application development.

As standard, we use Cloud Foundry because it can be deployed on public and private cloud technology, although some circumstances require different approaches.

This includes networking, comprehensive logging and a service marketplace allowing developers to bind services–such as MySQL or Redis–to an application. The result is a platform that allows you to develop for multiple platforms–such as mobile–far easier; reduce coding time; and add additional development capabilities to your team through ready-made tools.

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PaaS in action

We manage and host an infrastructure that can look after tens of thousands of Apple devices. We were after a technology partner, someone that was in it for the long haul and yeah, Cloudhelix were that company.

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Cloudhelix partnered with Datajar to create a bespoke Managed Kubernetes Service that allows them to scale their operations.