Case Study: Replatforming a mission-critical application

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Turnkey Group are experts in business systems, making software work smarter for their clients.

Turnkey’s largest product, the Insolvency Practitioner System (IPS), is the UK’s leading insolvency software, used by almost every insolvency practitioner in the UK including the big four accounting firms and is supported by Cloudhelix on our Private Cloud Platform.

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Learn why Turnkey chose Cloudhelix to rebuild their mission-critical application, readying an essential customer application for the cloud age.

Turnkey have been building software since 1980, and its safe to say that a lot has changed in the world of applications since then, which is where Cloudhelix's engagement with Turnkey begins. As a legacy application, IPS was server installed for each and every customer, within each office that required the software.

Often the issue with business critical applications is that their importance to the business (and in this case, Turnkey's clients) means there's little opportunity, or sometimes a reluctance, to modernise the

software in fear of downtime, holding customers back and more. From a client perspective, the rise of the cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) model meant that Turnkey noticed an increasing demand from customers to be able to access IPS via the web.

This is not only more convenient, faster and easier for clients, but it also allows Turnkey to provide cental support for applications, roll out updates and features easier, and simplify the onboarding process.

6500 Users globally 40000+ live cases at any one time 100% Uptime during replatforming project
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The solution

To move IPS toward a more modern approach, we began by hosting the application on our secure, high performance cloud infrastructure, which took place without any downtime or customer disruption. Our experts also developed advisory notices for IPS users, ensuring they could still make the most of the software during the forthcoming replatforming process.

Once hosted in Cloudhelix data centres, where the application benefits from backup and disaster recovery, we began replatforming the existing IPS application, mapping out the steps needed to convert it into a multi-tenanted, web-based app. Once the replatforming work was complete, the application was switched over to the web access from the traditional, server-side install method.

The delivery

For Turnkey's customers, when they arrived in the office and began using IPS, they didn't notice a thing or experience a second of downtime.

IPS continues to benefit from the Cloudhelix high-performance cloud platform, our expert support and more. We continue to work closely with the team at Turnkey, hosting further applications on our platform and assisting with dedicated client deployments.