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VDI E-book front cover: Don't Look Back: IT and The New Normal

Don't look back: IT and the Future of Connecting Workers

Lockdown, remote working and the new normal have changed IT strategies for good.

This whitepaper explores how to put the best foot forward, and how VDI can act as a catalyst for widespead IT transformation.

VDI E-book front cover: 10 Reasons to revisit VDI

10 Reasons it's Time to Revisit Virtual Desktops

VDI is known to divide opinion. Some wonder why it's not more widely adopted. Others wonder when it will dissapear for good.

In this e-book, we tackle this issue head on, covering the 10 reasons you need to revisit VDI, regardless of your past experiences.

VDI E-book front cover: How to prepare for workplace modernisation

How to Prepare For Workplace Modernisation

There was a workplace revolution taking place before COVID came along.

Without a whisper of lockdown, this e-book looks at the factors forcing change, highlighting the opportunities on offer for IT teams looking to create more efficient, effective workforces.

VDI E-book front cover: How to prepare for workplace modernisation

Windows Virtual Desktops vs HiveIO

This e-book looks at the rise in remote working, assessing the offerings of Windows Virtual Desktop vs HiveIO.

Covered are the benefits and drawbacks of VDI, the costs involved, and how best to implement a solution.

VDI E-book front cover: Raconteur Cloud report

Raconteur's Cloud For Business Report

As featured in The Times, this in-depth report looks at how the cloud enabled companies to continue operating seamlessly during COVID.

It features articles on a range of topics including hybrid cloud, data management and cloud economics.